Munching fries on the couch and spending the summer ended with being stunned by the remarkably outstanding performance of our seniors. It gave us goose flesh. Felt like the seniors looked down and dusted their shoulder saying, ‘kiss your wishes a good bye juniors’.

June is the new January. June is the first month in the calendar of any ‘bechara’ student. With the thundering of the aloof obscure clouds starts the grumbling of the mommies. Like the huge rain drops bouncing on the smooth craving ground bounces homework, journals and projects on the head of students. We students are like the marionettes dancing on the sharp fingers of the pages of our textbooks.

Every year not only the family members and students but also the entire India awaits for the results to honor the new toppers. This is a race, a war of derivations, equations and formulas; a conflict between mugging up and understanding; a test of who can make it through the darkness and shine. This is for the batch in grade 11 preparing for boards, let the dance begin. Let the war begin.

_Khushboo Kar



I saw the spark in your eyes.
You seemed to be pretty nice.
Your advises were always wise,
But who knew you were a disguised cat and I a mice.

Your friendship seemed to be strong,
I literally felt/found nothing wrong,
We were like a nice song,
We lasted really long.

The dark side inside you was hiding,
Until that day you saw me crying,
Since then you pulled me to you, stopping,
Me from enjoying,
The way your love stuck to me, it would happen this way, I wasn’t knowing.

The more I stayed with you,
I started losing myself in this new,
Unknown world of sorrow more happiness few,
They were right, you my depression stuck to me with sticky glue.

After all, years passed by and we became best friends,
Your demands to make me stay and isolate never ends,
From a calm soul, you made me a self harming fiend,
Your intention was to get me into the depressed hell state.

But then when you began to rule on me,
I knew it was time to get free,
I spoke to you simply,
But you to leave won’t agree.





And there I sit with bold stains splashed on my wall,
With a blood dripping knife in my hand and your body lying in front of me in the hall,
I’m sorry but there was option, it was to murder you my pal,
To live life for me, it was a must to take this call.

But here’s a little message to all,
Your depression would stay like your best friend,
But let it sit on you head like a crown,
And make you always frown,

_Khushboo Kar

I AM! | AM I?

I say I AM perfect! | The mirror asks, “Am I?”

I say I AM calm! | The mirror asks, “Am I?”

I say I AM simple! | The mirror asks, “Am I?”

I say I AM fantastic! | The mirror asks, “Am I?”

I say I AM peerless! | The mirror asks, “Am I?”

I say the world is against me! | The mirror says, “It’s only you against yourself.”

I guess we all feel the same!

Now look into the mirror. What do you see?

It’s ME! | It’s your competition.

I can’t stand anything! | You can. It’s your mind that you have to convince.

I don’t get anything that I want! | As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.

The more I try, the more I fail! | Old ways won’t open new doors.

I get ruined every time I create myself! | Create yourself in a way that feels good on the inside, not only on the outside.

I am tired of me! | The best project you work on is YOU

I am timid and afraid! | You are confident only by the walls you build yourself

I fail every time I try! | If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.

The mirror isn’t your enemy. It’s just the screen that shows the real life.

It’s your friend that opens your eyes, pulling you out of misconceptions,

It makes you wise.

So it’s your decision to believe on


But remember, the mirror gives you a chance to re-think what you thought and choose the right.

I AM! | AM I?

_Khushboo Kar


As usual bored I sat in the corner,
We were having a family get together after months.
Being a teen is a pain!
You’re included neither in the adults group nor in the kids group.

But then suddenly there was complete silence,
I could only hear a sweet voice,
My aunt Nilakshi was speaking,
She spoke about her childhood.

She said, “During our childhood,
We weren’t given watches to wear (by our parents) until grade 10.
In grade 10, my mom set a deal,
Which was, either I secured the percentage she challenged me
or I forget the watch.”

She continued,” I had secured just half a percentage
Less than the challenged score.
And guess what?
She denied me the watch. “

She went continual,” My mom said
That if she gave me the watch right now,
Without completing the challenge with exceptions
Then it would be a habit for you to go on with the ‘it’s okay’ attitude.”

Well that is just the gap,
Between the parents of our parents and our parents.
Not like our grandparents didn’t love their kids.
But our parents want us to have everything they never got.

Let’s love our parents,
For they love us unconditionally.
Let’s give them back the love,
That they gave us even if,
Not materialistically,
But even feelings mean a lot! ❤

_Khushboo Kar


His huge hand held mine tightly,
My hand disappeared into his fist,
Soft and warm was his hand,
I’m 16! Yet my hands are smaller than his!

He walks strong and tall by me,
Down the street now,
It’s difficult for a girl to walk.
But when he’s with me,
no one dares to look up to see.

Getting me things that I need,
Asking mom for it is like never getting it.
But telling him what I want,
It’s in my hand the next day!

So safe I feel,
When I’m with him.
Speeding car races,
I feel so happy when I see his perfect face.

Football matches with him,
His speeds like air,
Before I find where the ball is,
Hes already made a goal!

When hes not around,
Some electrical appliance,
Won’t cooperate with me.
But when he’s around,
every things in attention!

Every Sunday it’s his cooking day.
There’s no risk that the kitchen might be on fire,
But after hes done cooking,
The kitchen looks like there had just been a tornado in there!

The food he cooks is lip smacking!
Irritating him is just entertaining.
He gets angry like once in a blue moon,
But then he’s back to normal really soon.

Any guesses who this is?
Oh I forgot!
Parties with him is always
Full of fun and fizz!

Hmm, any guesses?
Who is this nice face,
Its none other than,
My superhero!!!

Every girl has one superhero in her life,
And that’s her dad
I love you dad!!! You’re the best!!❤

This father’s day, make your dad leave all of his work and go spend some time with him. Dad’s give their heart and soul into everything they do for their kids. this father’s day lets do something special for him. What special are you doing for your dad?

_Khushboo Kar


A teacher affects eternity; no one can tell where his or her influence stops, and she did.
A flower is simple,
It’s message is true.
The earth is happy,
there are people like you.

It started ten years ago;
I was a student who went with the flow.
But then she taught me ,”NO”.
It was my own way that I had to create and “GO”.

It’s really quite simple,
you just have to believe,
that life is for living
the dreams you conceive.

I still remember,
it was the 15th of a month before September,
Her speech …oh she’s a true leader
it inspired me and made me know I had to learn a lot from her.

She says,” What has passed, has passed
And matters no more,
Looking back in life
Doesn’t better the score.”

Life is like a chess board,
Without Kings and swords,
The perfect ways of living up to being better
Every day she showed,
She taught me lessons of life and accepting
Failures that I decode now.

Do what you live,
Love what you do
And the world
Will come to you.

Being unique is her best feature,
She masters at being the best teacher,
When I’m gone,I’ll miss her,
She’s a treasure of knowledge. I truly believe in her.

In this journey called ‘life’,
I know in my heart
That, be it ever so humble
I’m glad for my part.

I’ve started a journey
I’ll see through to the end,
And I’m ever so grateful
It includes you
My friend ,my teacher ….
MY PRINCIPAL – Ms. Kalyani Patnaik Ma’am.

There is so much to say about you
And I could go on all day long,
But words just aren’t enough
To express them.

I’ll miss you ma’am ❤
And I wish your blessings
Are always with me

_Khushboo Kar.


I’m afraid of heights; but I jumped off a cliff –Buzzfeed (inspired by)

“I am my own person,
I am in control of everything I do.”
I heard a voice say that.

They learned a valuable lesson,
This was what this day was all about.
Read a caption on google.

Michelle, Kelsey,
Julian, Dan and I,
We were standing on a cliff.

Super excited to begin,
We stood on a 25 foot high cliff.
Michelle took her leap with a thunderous splash.

Next went onto of a 70 foot high cliff.
Hesitation and adrenaline rush,
Filled within us!

“I am horrified of heights.” someone said.
“I don’t know whether I’m gonna sh*t or puke.”said another voice.
It was all kind of a total nightmare…

And then…..
The camera zoomed on me.
It was my turn to take the leap.

‘3…2….1’ and I stepped forward.
Took a deep breath,
And …….. “wooooo”, I took a leap.

Shooting like a pencil,
Piercing into the plain surface of water,
I could hear the splish-splash!!

But I couldn’t feel the water,
It was neither cool, not liquid.
Instead I felt a firing pain on my elbow and the whole the right side of my body.

When it finally came to my head,
Well visually saw my head drown into the water,
But tactilely I could feel something hard hit my head!

Blurry view!
As I opened my eyes,
I saw, well, not a cliff, nor water.

What was it that I saw?
My bed,
And I was lying on the stiff floor!

On the table next to my bed,
Was my laptop playing a video,
It was YouTube- Buzzfeed.

The video was on repeat.
Was about- “People Who Are Afraid Of Heights Jump Off A Cliff
Woofff!! I hadn’t faced my fear yet, my turn is yet to come.

So the video concluded the,
With a nice line that’s so true.
“You gotta face your fears. Otherwise, you’re just controlled by them.”

This video was a truly a stirring one,
It’s a must we face our fears!
Acclaim to Buzzfeed!!


_Khushboo Kar

Hibernation- It’s the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO).

Enhance the chance to live like someone else and hear the peace bell.

I’m fed up!
Need a coffee mug.
No that won’t suffice,
I’m tired of being active and live!

How about leaving this city life,
Get underground and build my hive.
Live like hibernating animals,
Or whine and snarl like cannibals?

Get rid of the crowd,
Isolate myself and live proud.
Away from the chatters,
Because joy of missing out- JOMO matters.

Break free,
Restore the lost glee.
Bring back the lost peace,
A relief from those crowded streets.

I won’t mid if you called me a Hedgehog,
Or a chubby Prairie Dog?
Maybe a huge Bear?
Well I’d at least have less problem of falling hair!

Wouldn’t even matter if you called me a snake,
Till I could get what I wanted to make,
By hibernating like a Skunk,
Come out with the beauty of a restored mind; cleaning the waste, frustration and junk.

Animals go for 6 to 7 months,
If I could, I’d go for Millionths,
Okay sounds too much,
I’d go for a year as such.

If an animal isn’t able to store up enough fat,
It may not survive a sleepless starving attack.
But I can store enough,
My weight is higher than your grade! Now laugh?

One of the causes of the decline of hibernating bats is white-nose syndrome,
A disease caused by a fungus that can’t be in control.
Well I have a pancake flat nose,
Sharp? It never grows!

Never mind,
The matter lies behind.
These are just dreams,
This is impossible it seems.

But once if I’d get a chance,
I’d love to hibernate and take a glance,
Of how beautiful it would be,
To escape this busy world for once and live free!

_Khushboo Kar



I could wear clothes of my choice,
I could raise fearlessly my voice.

I would eat as much as I wanted,
No ‘0’ figure taunts could have got me feeling haunted.

I could lie in one place for hours,
Or insanely raced with bros in cars.

I wouldn’t have to worry about a pimple with extra care,
I wouldn’t have to worry about any facial hair.

I wouldn’t have to do the clothes or dishes,
I could have left home without answering millions of questions.

I would be free to drive anywhere, anytime, anyway,
I wouldn’t have to pretend to be sweet and respect; could talk in anyway.

I could sit in anyway that I want,
Get low marks in a test, not get yelled but like a boss flaunt.

I could tease any girl passing by,
And follow her shamelessly until she would cry.

I would become someone great,
And give heartless speeches on –“A girl gets molested, it was her fate.”

But for once if girls show their real powers,
They could break down any hurdles, even the tallest towers.

I know there are good boys out there.
But increasing crimes show, there are no more to be found anywhere.

In this so ‘modern’ 21st century,
It’s time we be part of the jury.

Don’t teach a girl how to dress.
Teach a boy how to respect and not mess.

Only girls cry.
No ways! really? why?

Tell a boy,
It’s okay to cry.

This was just for starters a sandwich,
So would you contribute and be ready to teach?

_Khushboo Kar

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